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BI-ACT SCBA SYSTEM. Compact and easy to operate, there is no need to expensive specially trained personnel to run the plant. The energy requirements to run the facility are remarkably low. Both the plant efficiency and the effluent quality surpass by far the standards set by the authorities. What you get is an odor free, […]

Autonomous ‘soaring with solar’ concept

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Holding the photovoltaic (PV) UAV based on the SBXC sailplane, are members of the ‘Solar-Soaring’ research flight crew (l-r) Dan Edwards and Trent Young (not shown: Chris Bovais, Sam Carter, Matthew Kelly, and Dave Scheiman). Credit: US Naval Research Laboratory Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Vehicle Research Section and Photovoltaic Section are […]

Basic Lighting Knowledge

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1) Lumen (lm) Lumen is the international(SI) unit of luminous flux, a measure of overall light emitted by a light source. 2) Candela (cd) Candela is the international(SI) unit of luminuous intensity, a measure of light emitted by a light souce in a particular direction. Any given light source will have different luminous intensities in […]