Bi-Act SDO


For all sewage treatment system plant (STP) aeration system is the most expenses and could not be avoided Super D.O. Pack is invented to solve this expense.

The media designed in a rectangular shape with corrugated. It's assemble with the iron structure in the zigzag shape. The system using the air blower release the air at the bottom of the zigzag pack. The air bubble will go along with the media from the bottom to the top of the media pack. By given the air in this way, it will help to increases dissolve oxygen in the wastewater more than other system 10 times.

1. Save electricity more than other systems 10 times.
2. Less maintenance cost.
3. Best solution for upgrading/ increasing of Dissolved Oxygen in all conventional sewage treatment systems.
4. Solution of bad odor resulted in most of the conventional sewage treatment systems.